Sunday, March 9, 2008

A little test I thought up for Anthony Zanontian.

I wanted to see googles reaction to this...

Anthony Zanontian knows when Anthony Zanontian goes to work and comes home. That's because Anthony Zanontian is in actuality Anthony Zanontian. Why is this? It seems that many, including, Anthony Zanontian, know, that people like Anthony Zanontian, are themselves. You guessed it; Anthony Zanontian, is really, yup Anthony Zanontian.

Im guessing I said Anthony Zanontian enough. But just for good measure; Anthony Zanontian.

Well see how this plays out. Just a experiment I conjured up while I was in the shower this morning.

Woo hoo!

Not sure if you heard, but, the site I've been working on for the past year and a half got funding last week.

What this has done for me:

1) Newfound respect for people who believe in other people.

2) Realization that Seneca knows what's up.

3) Finding a good lawyer is like finding a good chiropractor programmer, it's almost f&*king impossible. But when you do find one, you realize how important they are.

4) Having people who support your ambitions (i.e. parents, girlfriend, friends), make accomplishing goals that much easier.

I think that's enough insight for one day.

You can read the release below.™ Announces $800,000 Series “A” Funding to Connect Talent with Fans

Los Angeles, CA – March 5, 2008 –™, LLC (, a free online platform which connects aspiring talent with fans and industry professionals, announced today that it has completed a Series “A” round of funding in the sum of $800,000. The financing was led by a single Angel Investor from Go4Funding, a site whose goal is to unite entrepreneurs, business owners, and investors.

The young entrepreneurs who started™, formerly, have completely self-funded the project up until this point. Allen Vartazarian and Anthony Zanontian, now 24 and 22 years old, plan to use the funds primarily to broaden Taltopia’s reach and to further develop appealing features on the site.

“Taltopia is about empowering fans to decide who gets exposure,” said Allen Vartazarian, referring to the “fame” and “shame” voting system. By focusing on this unique niche, Taltopia™ has distinguished itself from other general social networking sites where aspiring artists typically get lost in the clutter.

For users who are not getting the exposure they crave, the site boasts a “Wall of Fame” which grants users the opportunity to “buy” their fame with Famebucks™, the virtual currency used on the site. Users bid for the limited number of spots available on the page, with outbid users being bumped down to subordinate positions. To kick things off,™ is giving away $5 worth of Famebucks™ to the next 2,500 members that join the free site.

“Taltopia is going to modernize the way artists get the recognition they deserve by providing the tools they need to promote themselves,” said Anthony Zanontian. “We hope to further expand our relationships with talent industry professionals, which are an essential part of this equation,” he added.

For users who are not getting the exposure they crave, the site boasts a “Wall of Fame” which grants users the opportunity to “buy” their fame with Famebucks™, the virtual currency used on the site. Users bid for the limited number of spots available on the page, with outbid users being bumped down to subordinate positions.

Anyone can upload or embed audio, video, or images of their talent to™, in the hopes of becoming the world’s next “web-celeb.” Even if you do not have a talent, you can join as a fan and become a critic.


Taltopia, LLC ( is an online media distribution and social networking destination whose aim is to provide aspiring and professional talent with a world-wide stage to share their abilities across the web. The site also rewards its members with Famebucks™ for simply using the site’s features, giving users an incentive to find and recommend good artists, while giving artists a platform to promote themselves online. Categories include Music, Art, Acting, Dance, Comedy, and Modeling.™ is based in Los Angeles, California.

Friday, January 25, 2008 on NBC - Anthony Zanontian

This was when we were lucky enough to be featured on NBC. It was a pretty exciting time for Famesource, and we were very happy when we were compared to myspace. See the vid for full details.

Monday, January 21, 2008

see the video after the break: Pink Room - Anthony Zanontian

Well, even though as of late I've been staying out of trouble, it doesn't mean that once in a while I can't have some fun. This was a prank that we pulled on a buddy of ours. See the video here:

Basically the video shows exactly what we did minus Anthony's reaction. Let me tell you first hand, it was not funny; well to Anthony that is. We thought it was hilarious. He was pretty angry, and it did cause him to not talk to us for a while, but now we all laugh at it over a drink or two.

Im back.

After a prolonged absence I've decided it's time. Time to return to a blog that no-body reads. Well no-body, I hope you missed me because (see title). I decided I would join my friend and fellow Arthur Chaparyan in his resolution to blog more. Let's see how it goes.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Dear Friends and Family and Random people I don't know,

I just launched a website with a friend of mine, that we have been working on for a while. Its a social networking site for up-and-coming talent and their fans, and we are looking to start filling up the site with talent. Categories include Music, Acting, Sports, Comedy, Modeling, Dance and Other.

If you have a talent that you want to be famous for, then come check us out and upload. If you don't have a talent, then you automatically are a fan and can go around voting and critiquing others. We launched only a few days ago, so you may come across a few bugs...don't worry, our team is on top of it!

Here is the link:

Claim your fame!

Monday, November 20, 2006

You turn the page, wash your hands.

To all of the avid readers of this blog, I apologize. Babel is an awful movie. I'm sorry if you saw it. Really, I am. How could Guillermo Arriaga Jordán let us down. I don't know what to say. Guillermo Arriaga Jordán! Cmon. With it's mimicry of the 21 Grams formula, emulating the shooting and story style, how could it not be great? I mean 21 Grams worked out for you Guillermo, why not do it again? It's all connected by a gun. There. I ruined it for you. I just saved you 10 dollars and 142 minutes of your life.

A gun. I don't even know how to criticize that. He tries to weave in three different stories with a gun. It doesn't work, and you leave the theater pissed off. You can thank me later.