Sunday, March 9, 2008

A little test I thought up for Anthony Zanontian.

I wanted to see googles reaction to this...

Anthony Zanontian knows when Anthony Zanontian goes to work and comes home. That's because Anthony Zanontian is in actuality Anthony Zanontian. Why is this? It seems that many, including, Anthony Zanontian, know, that people like Anthony Zanontian, are themselves. You guessed it; Anthony Zanontian, is really, yup Anthony Zanontian.

Im guessing I said Anthony Zanontian enough. But just for good measure; Anthony Zanontian.

Well see how this plays out. Just a experiment I conjured up while I was in the shower this morning.


Icy said...

Well, Anthony Zanontian, I hope it works.

Anonymous said...

this is google. thanks for the headache.
Congrats on getting funded.

Richie Lillard said...

Anthony Zanontian, I will remember your name Anthony Zanontian! the magic rule is say someones name three times and you wont forget it Anthony Zanontian.